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    • Kiwi is a vine that has a large and woody stem like a grape and sheds its leaves every year. Kiwi vines are planted 4-5 m apart. It is supported by strong poles 1.8–2 m high. Strong vines; It needs plowed soil, frequent watering and protection from the wind. Although the plant needs a temperate climate to grow healthily, the sprouts need winter cold to grow. The plant begins to bloom in May and the crop is harvested in mid-October to November. In the Black Sea region, the temperature is low due to the excess precipitation. Therefore, maturation also extends to December.
    • The fruit is fleshy, green in color and multi-seeded, it is preferred because it contains vitamins A, E, K and calcium, zinc, magnesium minerals, as well as high fiber. It supports the digestive system, is good for heart health and provides protection against eye diseases. Daily vitamin C need can be met with 1-2 kiwis.

    What are the Benefits of Kiwi?:

    • Contains High Vitamin C
    • It Relieves Asthma Problems.
    • Supports Digestive System.
    • Protects Heart Health.
    • Beneficial for Skin Health.
    • Beneficial for Hair Health.
    • Prevents Occurrence of Eye Diseases.
    • Protects the Body Against Inflammation.


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