Always Fresh

Our main goal is to increase yield and quality by combining farming inherited from our ancestors with new products, scientific and modern technologies. Thus, we provide our customers with continuous, reliable and quality product service.
All processes, starting from the cultivation of the products we produce, until they take their place on the shelves of our customers, are controlled and organized by our experienced human resources.
From now on, trust and quality will continue as our main duty.

Untouched By The Manufacturer To The Consumer

Vilmark was established nearly 20 years ago to bring natural and fresh foods to consumers first hand. Vilmark, a manufacturer company, aims to combine its production power with trade in terms of the sustainability of agriculture.

We bring our food with first-hand fresh agriculture certificates to you by bringing our working farmers, the real heroes of the agricultural sector, to digital platforms. Due to the importance we attach to human and environmental health, we grow our products in a way that does not put human and environmental life at risk.

We deliver our handmade, natural, fresh, nutritious and additive-free foods quickly and reliably, using natural methods without using any medicine. Your natural, fresh products, which are in your hands within a week of being plucked from the branch, take their place on the tables.

Thanks to this fast and well-equipped plant, we offer you first-hand natural, additive-free products from producer to consumer with pleasure.